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Wagon Wheel Printing Co.

Screen Printing & Custom Clothing

Custom T-shirts, Sweaters, Hoodies, Shorts, Hats, and more! Whether you need custom t-shirt printing for your little league team or custom polo shirts for your corporate event, Wagon Wheel is here for you!

We have products for men, women, and kids, with all sorts of sizes for a perfect fit!

Custom Banners, Decals & Stickers

Wagon Wheel is your one-stop-shop for custom banners, decals, and stickers. That means custom business banners, eye-catching window decals, outdoor signs, bumper stickers, and custom heat-transfer vinyl sheets.

Buy individually or in bulk, with tons of fun special touches, like: rhinestones, glitter, puffs, specialty prints, holographic prints, foils, neons, and glow in the dark!

Promotional Products & Corporate Swag

We offer amazing capabilities for custom-designed promotional products and corporate swag. Hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, tumblers, mugs, bags, pencils, shopping bags, planners, calendars, office products, and more! 

The list is almost too long, so you can just contact us with your goals and we’ll make them happen!

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Check out all of our latest products and styles. You can choose the item you want and add your favorite design. With personalized sizes and styles, you can truly make it your own!

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Learn About Wagon Wheel Printing

Our founder, Tina Means, was raised on a family farm here in the Ozarks, and she still lives on a farm where she runs Wagon Wheel Printing with her family. That’s why Wagon Wheel has a local feel, and we are happy with that! We ship to customers nationally, but we also hand-deliver orders locally.

We are a national business, but we treat every customer as though they live right next door. We are still deeply connected to our local community, whether we are designing t-shirts for an area nonprofit or we are creating jobs here in the Ozarks. Wherever you are, Wagon Wheel Printing is a neighbor for you!

Wagon Wheel Printing Co.

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